If you have Hive sockets, you can control them using Siri – for this you’ll need to utilise Apple’s ‘Shortcuts‘ App.

Once installed open the app and go to the add shortcuts screen by tapping on the ‘+’ in the top right corner.

At the bottom you see a ‘search’ input, for each component shown below start typing the component title to find and add that component, e.g. for the parameters we need a couple of ‘Text’ and ‘Set Variable’ components

1 . Login Parameters

Although not essential, it is good idea to put the login details where they can be easily found and modified. Also if you decide to share your shortcuts you can easily blank out these details otherwise someone could access and play with your devices!

In the Settings, you can setup ‘Import Questions’, this will allow you to set up prompts for these fields when the shortcut is added. (try out the shortcuts at the end to see this in action)

Built – Shortcuts


Socket - toggle a named hive socket on/off based on it's current state 

Lights (GU10)

Tested on GU10 spots, but should work on any bulb. It may be necessary to check the device name of your bulbs and change 'warmwhitelight' accordingly.

Lights on - turns all 'warmwhitelights' on (tested on GU10)

Lights off - turns all 'warmwhitelights' off (tested on GU10)

Lights (GU10) Dimmable

Again these should probably work with any bulbs which are dimmable as long as the device name is set correctly.

Lights dim - set all 'warmwhitelights' to 30% brightness (tested on GU10) N.B. requires dimmable bulbs

Lights bright - increase brightness of all 'warmwhitelights' by 20% brightness (duplicate and subtract to create dimmer version):

Lights random - randomly sets the brightness of each bulb: